Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Response to Re: Old airport to cost YOU $230 million!

From the "airport boondoggle" NH forum:
The redevelopment of the Panama City-Bay County International Airport property will cause further stress on already constrained SR 390 (St. Andrews Blvd.). Improvements to 390 have been evaluated by FDOT District 3, with the estimated cost being $230,754,000."

It would be insane to 4-lane SR 390 (so they will probably do it!). For once, JOE's influence might save some money, since 390 does nothing for JOE. It is a reliever road for US 231-and-west-to-PCB, a route whose time is past. The thrust of development is now the SR 388 arc from US 231 to SR 79 and the future west-of-79 JOE-road.

As the old route withers, Leucadia will inherit the present capacity of 390 as it is freed up from traffic bound from 231 toward the south end of SR 79. From Lynn Haven, it is already a toss-up to choose 390/98 west vs. 77/388/79/98. With any congestion in the Hathaway bridge area, 77/388/79/98 is clearly faster.

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"Re: Old airport to cost YOU $230 million!"
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