Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New York Times: It's (perhaps) a Land Deal

The New York Times almost agrees with me:

"it is perhaps more of a real estate project than an effort to address a pressing transportation problem"

In Florida, it's always a land deal.

Susan Stellin did quote me:

Among the most vocal of those skeptics is Don Hodges, a retiree who worked in airport development for Delta for decades and describes himself as “not an opponent, but certainly a vocal critic” of the way the new airport has been handled.

“It’s been oversold, underdesigned, undermanaged and now botched as a construction project,” said Mr. Hodges, who lives in Bay County. “They’ve got layers of construction experts who have not been able to deliver on what layers of planning experts promised.”

in reference to: Square Feet - New Airport, Northwest Florida Beaches International, to Open - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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  1. I am just now following the issues with your airport. I lived in Mobile for a short while. I think the Panhandle is one of the ONLY remaining places in FL that should be left unspoiled. It's amazing how much these wanna-get-rich companies like St. Joe are runing your area.

    Development is NOT the answer all the time.

    When I went to Destin one time I was dismayed at all the development, traffic, and NO need for it all.

    Good luck fighting your issues.