Saturday, March 13, 2010

Study: Airport to spur business

Archiving the lead paras for follow-up on later developments (no RSS feed from NH). Dr. Lasarda holds a very lucrative consulting contract with the airport.

Study: Airport to spur business

News Herald Writer 522-5108 |
WEST BAY — Airports such as the new Northwest Florida International Beaches Airport will be the anchor for developing a 21st-century metro area, according to a recent study.

Which businesses spring up around airports is the main focus of a Gulf Coast Community College conference to be held April 2.

“We wanted to give the general public the opportunity to see what’s going on,” college continuing education director Debbie Mikolajczyk said. “This is kind of like the first taste. We want the public to have the opportunity to be educated on the new airport.”

The college is sponsoring a conference that is expected to draw 400 or more people. Officials from the St. Joe Co., three chambers of commerce, local economic development boards, Airport Authority members and state officials already plan to attend. Keynote speaker Dr. John Kasarda, Director of Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise and Kenan Distinguished Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, will talk on how best to use the new airport to draw business.

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