Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Who pays?

I don't know about the Phoenix fine, but the airport keeps getting extensions and is now shopping for a local environmental org to do an "in kind' project so they can claim its all for the good.

It really doesn't matter who pays the fine (unless Phoenix pays it from previous profits - very unlikely). Every cent comes from FDOT (taxpayers), FAA (taxpayers or passenger fees), or sale of the old airport (previously funded by taxpayers and land contributions). The airport board is not spending its own money, thus has no incentive to manage the project - its just a question of which trough to wallow in.

The only check on them is the courts, and there again they spend tax money while the challenger spends real money - guess who runs out first?

If any of these men had this project to develop with their own money, they would run from it like squirrels.

in reference to: Airport again facing DEP fines | west, bay, florida - News - The News Herald (view on Google Sidewiki)

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