Sunday, January 24, 2010

Old Timers

I too am a 3rd generation old-timer, born here in 1938, and I started into this just about where you are ("what's the big deal?"), but the deeper I looked the stranger it got, especially since I know a bit about airports and also spend a fair amount of time on the bay. I would count at least 3 of the airport board members as friends, but they they have allowed corporate welfare politics and high-powered consultants to create a mess if not an enviro crisis that was totally unnecessary. If they get this mysterious drainage system to work, we may eventually see the watershed recover. If not,they have set in motion the decline of the very natural resources that are attractive to visitors (and by extension to Southwest Airlines and those mythic clean job industries). The world is full of attractive destinations and nobody knows which specific insult will be the one that kills the golden goose, but our "community leaders" seem determined to find the limit.
Court testimony says this project is perhaps the last large scale frontal assault on the Gulf Coast wetland environment, and the precedent it sets almost guarantees it will get worse. Someday people will look at Bay County and say "Wow! How did did such a beautiful place stay so beautiful?" OR "How did such a beautiful place (like Tampa Bay, the Everglades, the St Johns River, the Apalachicola River) become THIS, we have to clean it up"! I don't want to be on the wrong side of that choice, so I pay attention to what is said vs. done, photograph the creeks, call DEP and FAA when things look strange, and record the outcomes vs. the claims. As someone said, "The facts are friendly"; I will let the facts speak for themselves.

"No evidence of __" is not the same as "Evidence of no ___" -The Black Swan

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