Monday, February 22, 2010

Dueling with a Straw Man


We don't conclude "all" or "100%" from ECP - you are changing the subject to a straw-man that is not the question.

At the forum last week, Baywatch presented linear studies of the creek/trib turbidity at various positions and times since 1995, using observations with instruments calibrated to control samples. There is no question that the general quality is lower and these spikes have only occurred since construction started. There are other sources, and the 388 project is significant, but nowhere near the scale of the airport releases. DEP has also documented these releases from on-site inspections using only airport discharges, and cited them in two Consent Orders the airport has signed (the second because of violating the first). Do you think they would sign these orders if they had a defense? Nobody is making this up or only speculating from eyeballing. DEP is now relaxing the permits to give them a shot at compliance before opening day. (Or, if you prefer, a shot at completing the project by opening day.) Based on today's pictures, it isn't going too well.

in reference to: The News Herald (view on Google Sidewiki)

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