Monday, February 22, 2010

Thanks Caz

Thanks for speaking up, Caz.  The Southwest deal is a real winner but it's time to retire the "Preservation Forever" theme - if it was ever sincere, it's now out of reach and may threaten opening on time.  The only way to cure this is a phased stabilization from north to south (high to low) AND IT CAN'T BE DONE BY MAY 23.  It will get harder after operations begin and access to the site is secured.  They really have no choice but to "weather (pun here?) a storm of negative publicity".  And pay through the nose in fines and corrective action.  The consensus at the forum was that the fines should go toward actually buying some buffer lands for the public, rather than funding some showboating project that does nothing for West Bay.

The creeks are muddy again today:

More of my thoughts are over at the "forums-general topics-airport boondoggle" forum:

or at

Mr. Tannehill would probably like a do-over on the "Baywatch is in it for the money" quote.  Baywatch has been scrupulously neutral on the issues here and on the science.  The data at the forum was unequivocal: the creeks are worse off downstream of the airport, both geographically and historically.

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